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Invest In Your Dream And Become A Pro-Producer...

With our EDM Essentials Bundle: 4460 Samples, 2626 Presets + EDM Masterclass 


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Try It Risk-Free - 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

What Producers Are Saying About My Sample Packs:

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GALAXY - Progressive House Essentials

Value: $68

Improve Your Sound with "GALAXY" - Your Ticket to Pro-Level Progressive House. Inspired by the pros like Martin Garrix, Dubvision, and Matisse & Sadko.

Includes: 340+ killer samples and 250 presets to widen your sound-choice.

Pro Quality: Each sound is top-notch pro-level quality.

Creative Freedom: Tweak and twist the sounds to make them yours to develop your own style.

Time-Saver: Spend less time searching, more time creating.

Boost Your Career: GALAXY isn't just sounds. It's your roadmap to music producer success. Build a pro-discography and light up stages.

Make your dream come true. Tour the world, and inspire your fans worldwide.

Severman - 1 Hour Masterclass End Result

LION 2.0 - Melodic House Essentials

Value: $68

Introducing LION 2.0 - Your Access to Melodic House.

LION 2.0 isn't just my bestseller; it's the pack where i put the most of my time and work in.

Packed with 1000* top-notch progressive house samples, including drums, FX, and ambiences, this pack is a powerhouse of professional sounds that'll improve your tracks.

What sets LION 2.0 apart? Real studio instrument recordings. No other EDM pack out there boasts such high-quality samples, making your tracks unique.

But that's not all – brace yourself for a whopping 500 presets for the leading synths: Xfer Serum, Sylenth1, and Vital.

Whether you're want to make melodic masterpieces like Martin Garrix, Avicii, or Tobu, LION 2.0 is the tool to bring those dreams to life. Don't just make music; release viral hits with LION 2.0!

LION 2.0 - Demo Song

LION 2.0 Mockup NEWEST.png__PID:45bcdc45-7a88-4346-9bc2-b3cb1dc93a99
LIGHT 2.0 MOCKUP.png__PID:71b303a4-644f-4279-b0a7-8d025276f47c

LIGHT 2.0 - Future Bass Essentials

Value: $68

If you want to make music like ILLENIUM, San Holo and Flume, this is your pack.

Packed with over 1000+ samples and 500 presets, LIGHT 2.0 has been my secret sauce for my viral YouTube tutorials with more than 200.000 views.

If you're into making emotional future bass tracks, you can't go wrong with LIGHT 2.0.

LIGHT 2.0 - Demo Song (Post Malone Remix)

SHADOW 2.0 - Future House Essentials

Value: $68

Make Future House/Bounce with SHADOW 2.0 - Crafted for Artists like Brooks, Mesto, Mike Williams, and More!

SHADOW 2.0 is not just any pack; it's the secret sauce for creating those Future House/Bounce tracks by artists like Brooks, Mesto, Mike Williams, and more.

From powerhouse presets to punchy drums, SHADOW 2.0 is gold.

Don't just take my word for it – check out the demo song. 100% SHADOW 2.0.

Shlo - Brooks Remake

SHADOW 2.0 MOCKUP NEW.png__PID:204439af-6097-4300-9488-4a349a41c204
ENGINE 2.0 MOCKUP NEW.png__PID:3b845371-7b15-478f-84ad-57479ccb0405

ENGINE 2.0 - Slap House Essentials

Value: $68

Make Viral Remixes with ENGINE 2.0 - The Ultimate Slap House Energy Boost!

ENGINE 2.0 is your turbocharged toolkit for producing those high-energy slap house remixes.

The basses? Pure power. Every sample and preset? Carefully designed for this genre.

If you're in the game of making hit remixes that hit hard, ENGINE 2.0 is your go-to pack.

ENGINE 2.0 - Demo Song (Lil Nas X Remix)

ALIEN - Bass House Essentials

Value: $68

If I had to sum up ALIEN in one word: aggressive.

Sure, there are hundreds of top-notch drum samples and sick FX in this pack...

But what sets it apart? The range of synth and bass shots.

With these, you can whip up aggressive bass house tracks in minutes!

And don't miss the 500 intense presets for Serum!

Honestly, I still think this pack is underrated.

ALIEN - Demo Song

ALIEN MOCKUP.png__PID:14fe7190-5914-40ec-92d2-bbf9dbd8deaf

Plus, An Incredible Bonus:

EDM MASTERCLASS.png__PID:0de49904-fec0-487d-9107-7553c844c934

SEVERMAN - Exclusive EDM Masterclass

Value: $200

Get ready to dive into the world of electronic music with Severman, one of the most goated DJs and prog house producers out there!

Join us for an epic one-hour masterclass where Severman spills all the deets on making a killer Progressive House track, from start to finish.

What's inside:

- Learn how Severman creates those catchy melodies and killer harmonies that make your head nod

- Discover the secrets of sound design – picking the raddest synths and building dreamy atmospheres

- Uncover the tricks behind putting your track together, so it hits the emotions from your listeners

- Get the lowdown on mixing and mastering to make your music sound professional

Don't miss out on this chance to level up your music game with Severman! Grab your spot now and let's make some serious tracks together!

Severman - 1 Hour Masterclass End Result


4460 Samples, 2626 Presets,  EDM Masterclass



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